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At London Weight Management, we go above and beyond our treatment services, to provide the ultimate slimming and wellness experience for our customers. Understanding the weight concerns and lifestyle constraints that our customers face, helps us to tailor a slimming program unique to every individual. From weight loss to body sculpting and wellness detox treatments, we provide targeted solutions for weight concerns that are effective for all women. That’s how our award-winning treatments make us the leading slimming brand in Singapore, always one step ahead.


Each treatment begins with a Body Fat Analysis, a detailed body composition test of your weight ratio, body fat percentage, muscle mass, water content, and nutrition levels to identify the main causes of your weight concerns. This helps us to develop a customised slimming programme unique to your individual needs, to maximise the treatments’ effectiveness for weight and CM loss, while ensuring that your health is improved.


During consultation, our professionally trained consultants gain a deeper understanding of your lifestyle, eating habits, and schedule, to design a programme that is efficient, fuss-free, and suitable for your individual needs. Your designated consultant will follow you throughout your journey, closely monitoring your slimming and health progress, ensuring that they best understand your body conditions, to adjust the treatments accordingly for optimized and guaranteed results.


Our treatments are customised to target a variety of weight and health concerns ranging from nutritional, age-related, hormonal weight gain and more. Before each treatment session begins, your condition is assessed through the body fat analysis and consultation to determine your requirements. From individually customised ampoules and creams, to body masks, and slimming technology, each aspect is carefully selected to ensure your session’s effectiveness.


Each treatment session ends with a follow-up consultation to chart your weight loss, body measurements and photos for progress. A nutrition specialist will share the recommended lifestyle and meal plans for effective weight management, and take-home products which include meal replacement, detox and metabolism boosting drinks, to fat burning ampoules and gels, to prolong your slimming efforts from the comfort of your home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Almost anyone is suitable for the treatment, it’ll be best to come in for a consultation to understand your body’s needs.

Customers must be at least 18 years old and above (as of birth date). You may be requested to produce your NRIC or photo identification for proof of age. Customers below the age of 18 must be accompanied by a legal guardian.

Visible results are immediate, with obvious cm loss after each treatment.

We recommend starting treatment after 1 month of recovery for natural birth, and 2 months for Caesarean birth. It is also best to get approval from your gynaecologist or family doctor before beginning slimming treatments.

Our treatments are painless and non-invasive. You may experience slight muscle soreness, akin to post-exercise effects.

Our treatments are safe, effective, and gentle. If you suffer from any chronic illnesses or ailments, do consult your physician for advice before signing up for treatments.

There are no hidden costs or additional charges. We have a strict policy against hard selling. Any packages and treatments purchased is up to the customer’s sole discretion.

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