No.1 Slimming & Wellness Treatment

  • Lose Up to 1kg in 45 mins
  • Eliminate Toxins
  • Boost Metabolism
  • Improve Lymphatic Circulation
  • Burn Stubborn Fat
  • Strengthen Immunity

What is ?

A fast and effective solution using revolutionary technology, each treatment is professionally customised based on a detailed Body Fat Analysis, to provide a personalized slimming detox treatment that strengthens immunity while improving lymphatic and blood circulation, ridding the body of toxins and accumulated fat.

Benefits of

9 Signs Your Body Needs A Detox

Bloating & Constipation
Cause: Poor Liver Function

Water Retention
Cause: Poor Liver Function

Stubborn Fats
Cause: Visceral Fat Build-up

Menstrual Problems
Cause: Poor Blood Circulation

Bad Breath
Cause: Poor Colon Function

Fatigue & Headache
Cause: Poor Circulation to the Brain

Cause: Poor Lymphatic Drainage

Body Aches & Swollen Joints
Cause: Lymph Node Blockage

Dowager’s Hump
Cause: Lymphatic Congestion

Consequences of Fat & Toxin Buildup

While your body can naturally detoxify on its own, excess toxins or poor lymphatic circulation can impede the body’s ability to purge them naturally, leading to long-term accumulation and health risks like:


Poor Immunity

Excess Visceral Fat

Cardiovascular Diseases

Lymphatic Cancer

The BioDetox Treatment helps to encourage and optimise the detoxification process to ensure that the body is free of toxins,
lowering health risks significantly.

No.1 Detox Slimming Treatment
Eliminate Toxins, Burn Fat & Improve Feminine Health

Real Women, Real Results

Treatment Process

Each treatment begins with a detailed Body Fat Analysis to identify your weight concerns, and a 1-on-1 consultation to understand weight concerns and lifestyle for a personalised treatment programme.

Activate Lymph Nodes

Brushing motion technique to awaken the lymphatic and blood circulatory system

Stimulate Lymphatic Drainage &

A rhythmic vacuum and kneading motion is used to release lymph node obstruction

Flush Toxins & Boost Metabolism

A suction and drain technique to flush out toxins and boost metabolism

Customised Detox Mask

Customized to individual needs for firming, diuretic, and wellness purposes


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    Exclusively for new female customers with weight concerns, aged 18 and above only. Promotional package(s), treatment(s), product(s), and/or voucher(s) are redeemable after consultation. Limited to one redemption per customer only. This promotion is not exchangeable for cash & cannot be used with other promotions, discounts, or offers. By responding, you are deemed to have agreed for us to collect, use, disclose, and/or process all your personal data submitted for marketing purposes. You also agree for us to contact you via call/text for follow-up purpose, unless a subsequent Withdrawal of Consent is submitted via our Website. Confidential information on file. *Refers to full-body slimming. Individual results may vary. Other T&Cs apply.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    There are no hidden costs or additional charges. All promotional treatment(s) are exclusively for new female customers with weight concerns, aged 18 and above only. Additionally, all the prices of slimming treatments at London Weight Management are inclusive of GST.

    Weight loss claims are based on the actual findings/evidence from our female customers. Although individual results may vary, we assure you that your treatment session(s) will provide incredible weight loss results.

    There are no hard selling of packages at London Weight Management. Your consultant may recommend a different package because our slimming treatments are customised to meet individual customer needs. Please note that it is at your discretion whether you wish to accept the offer or deny it.

    Yes. Men are strictly prohibited in the treatment rooms to ensure a safe and secure environment for our female customers. London Weight Management is exclusively for women with weight concerns only.

    We recommend starting treatment after 1 month of recovery for natural birth, and 2 months for Caesarean birth. It is also best to get approval from your gynaecologist or family doctor before beginning slimming treatments.

    There are no side effects or downtime involved. Our treatments are non-invasive, painless, and gentle. Customers can resume their day’s activities immediately after treatment.

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