Skipping rice & noodles

Skipping rice and noodles is another one of the wrong ways to lose weight. Many ladies believe that all carbohydrates are bad and skipping them is the fastest way to lose weight. However, carbohydrates will not cause weight gain when eaten in the right quantities. What makes you gain weight is the fat that you add to the carbohydrates which boosts the calorie content, such as butter on toast and creamy sauces with pasta.

In the short term, low or no carb diets may lead to weight loss but the majority of this loss comes from the loss of water, not fat. There will also be a loss of precious lean muscles which are metabolically active and burn calories even when you are at rest. A decrease in muscle mass means your body burns lesser calories and your weight loss will rebound very quickly*. Other side effects of low or no carb diets include bad breath, nausea, fatigue, nutrient deficiency and higher risks of kidney and liver problems.

Therefore, instead of skipping carbohydrates entirely to lose weight, avoid only processed carbohydrates that are high in sugar and white flour*. Opt for whole grain and whole meal carbohydrates such as brown rice and whole meal bread*.

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