Crash diets

Starving yourself is not likely to help you lose weight. On the contrary, it may lead to weight gain instead. The main problem is that crash diets are too hard to maintain. When your body is low on energy, you begin to crave for high-fat and high-sugar foods. When you finally give in, you tend to eat more than you should. Besides this, when your body is not getting enough nourishment, your metabolism will slow down in order to conserve energy and your body will go into the ‘starvation mode’ and start storing fat.

Therefore, one of the ways to lose weight is to should continue to eat three meals a day with two healthy snacks*. You may also eat five or six meals a day in smaller portions, which can be better digested and used by your body*. Eating more fruits, vegetables and lean meats also helps to keep your metabolism high*.

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