Weight Loss Tips & Myths


You may have heard some weight loss tips from a friend or read about them on a blog, but some tips may actually keep you from reaching your desired weight goal. Therefore, you have to be careful when choosing the advice that you will follow. As a rule of thumb, only apply tips you get from experts.

Another way to filter these popular misconceptions is to have a better understanding of your body. When you know the roles of fats, calories and nutrients in your body, you will be more equipped to take the right course of action to lose weight.

As a premier weight management centre in Singapore, London Weight Management will help you get to know your body better. We have a team that performs body fat analysis, create an ideal diet plan and provide effective slimming treatments. These professionals have gone through extensive training to become highly skilled in their field. They have a broad knowledge on the topic of weight loss, which they gladly share with everyone through this page.

Gain a better understanding of how your body works: read what our weight management professionals say about losing weight.

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