Our Weight Problem Treatments

Weight Problem Treatment

Every gender stores fat in their body differently. Men, for example, often have excess fat in their trunk and abdominal area while women usually have excess body fat in the trunk and femoral area. When you try to lose weight, these specific regions are the most difficult parts to trim.

London Weight Management recognises the frustration that comes with losing excess fat in the body regions mentioned above. Hence, we offer an individualised, non-invasive and effective weight loss program for women in Singapore.

So, if you are searching for the best solution in Singapore for to your weight loss problems, let London Weight Management help you. Browse through the following specific weight problems, book an appointment, and let us know which problem is similar to yours.

No Pills
No Injection
No Surgery
No Crash Diet
No Exercise
No Side effects
Experience an impressive weight loss* in just 1 session at London Weight Management.
*lndividuaI results may vary. There is no scientific proof that any slimming program can achieve permanent weight loss except when accompanied with a balanced diet and regular exercise. Other T&C apply.
Fats, impurities & toxins in the body.
Fat burned, but impurities/toxins remain - in higher concentrations.
Body reacts to increased impurities/toxins and goes into emergency fat production to protect the body.
Slimming Treatment
Fats, impurities & toxins in the body.
Toxins and Impurities expelled through sweat
Slim figure with less body fat
AND toxins -
No Rebound*!
Weight Loss Singapore
* Individual results may vary

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